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Written Questions

Answer to each one of the multiple choice questions so that the phrase makes sense. There are potencially many batches of questions that you must complete sequencially to finish all the written questions.

Question 1

John made a sandwich ⠀⠀ he was hungry.

Question 2

What time is it? It's ⠀⠀ (11:15).

Question 3

⠀⠀ your husband do? He's a doctor.

Question 4

My grandparents live in the countryside. ⠀⠀ have a big garden.

Question 5

⠀⠀ did you find the answer? I looked on the Internet.

Question 6

I don't want ⠀⠀ bed. I'm not tired.

Question 7

Please ⠀⠀ your room today.

Question 8

Every day, Jane has ⠀⠀ piece of cake after dinner.

Question 9

⠀⠀ weather is wonderful today.

Question 10

My brother is very ⠀⠀. He plays basketball well.